Grand Theft Auto V, often known as GTA 5, is an amazing adventurous role-playing game that was launched in 2013. The downloads for GTA 5 reach up to a Million in this ongoing year.  The artificial town of San Andreas, which is situated in southern California, is used as the gaming background.

The gameplay of GTA 5 is almost the same as the real-life activities in Los Angeles. The environment and overall greenery in the game make it more attractive and addictive among the users. As compared to other action games,  the GTA 5 iOS is loaded with unlimited things to do and there is a variety of things to explore. Download GTA 5 for iOS on your devices and start playing it with your friends and siblings right now.

File Information

NameGTA 5
CompatibilityIOS 8 & Up
DeveloperRockstar Games
Updated1 Day Ago

GTA 5 Storyline

gta 5 ios

The main purpose of the game is to complete all the missions with great strength and power. Remember to complete all the missions in a sequence to get what you want in the game. Also, ensure one thing the mission is challenging for everyone so the players must be professional or well-experienced.

The mission and some side tasks like quests and ventures are also on their way toward the journey. There are additional mini-missions in the GTA 5 IOS edition, such as performing wild stunts, demolishing a neighborhood, and leaping from cliffs and airplanes. It is equipped with some military-grade weaponry designed to destroy the opposition.

GTA 5 IOS Features

Regular Updates

GTA 5 is unique in several ways as it provides its users with regular updates on each feature. Users will surely get updated on challenges, tasks, missions, and characters. 

Multiplayer Mode

One of the best features that GTA V provides to its users is the availability of the multiplayer mode. Yes!, Users now easily play GTA V with their friends and siblings. You with your friends can explore the whole city together with unlimited skins, characters, and missions. Keep in mind you need to remain online to play in this mode. 

Awards and Bounces

GTA 5 IOS provides awards and bounces in the form of cash or currency. On passing each mission or on completing a task users will get cash that can be used to update their character and in-game experience. 


  • The most young of the three major characters is Franklin. Although he is not as experienced as the remaining two, he still possesses talent. 
  • In a way, Michael is the team’s leader and the main protagonist. Due to his complicated daily narrative, he frequently bases decisions on feelings and emotions. 
  • The final character to possess a survivor’s mentality is Trevor. No matter how severe his rage, he will stop at nothing to calm it.

In Game Customization

Users will be able to change the characters of Michael, Franklin, and Trevor by using the feature of in-game customization.  They can easily modify their clothes, skills, vehicles, and colors in the game.

GTA V IOS Unlimited Money Feature

How to Download GTA 5 on iOS Mobile?

  1. For downloading GTA 5 on any iOS device including iPhone or iPad.
  2. Users need to go to the download link provided on
  3. The downloading takes time according to your internet speed and you can easily get your iOS file on your device.

FAQ Section

Yes, GTA V is 100% safe to download and play on any Android or iOS device without any doubt. The game was well-tested and examined by the developers before its launch. 

You can download the GTA 5 from here and get all its unlimited features for free without spending any money.


For users who are in search of an exciting and action-packed game, GTA 5 is an amazing option to choose from. Without a doubt, one of the greatest methods to pass the time is to play Grand Theft Auto V. Enter a world filled with guns, narcotics gangsters, and criminal activity, and do your best to stay alive and get noticed. Explore the deadly and addictive area with your friends and enjoy playing it on your mobile right now. 

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